Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Poker Night with the Boys

Well, my husband has gotten into the habit of playing poker several nights of the week with the guys who work for him. They sit around the kitchen table drinking, smoking, and throwing the cards. I don't mind letting him play, as long as he keeps an eye on how much he is losing.

Tonight... I got in on the game. I won $1.25 by the time it was over. Not bad... My husband broke even, with one guy owing him about $20. Another guy went home with his whole paycheck gone. Sucks for him, especially since he told his girlfriend that he had gotten paid that day, and was still working. So now he'll be going home with no paycheck, and the lie on his conscience about working when he was actually sitting playing poker with the guys.

I actually had fun. I was ready to quit once I'd lost my original $10 that I started with, but hubby kept loaning me money so I could keep playing. I ended up winning back all my money. Not too bad for a first-timer, huh? :-)

So now I'm sitting here on the computer, writing this blog, while my husband is snoring away on the couch. I'm snacking on some great little things. Saltine crackers spread with peanut butter, with a big marshmallow cut in half on top. Stick 'em in the toaster oven and let the marshmallows get browned and there's a handy snack. Love these little things.

Oh, had a Yard Sale this past weekend. Made about $70 on that. Not too bad, considering we didn't have very many customers, and all I was selling was junk I didn't want anymore. Of course, my eldest sister was there, and she bought about $30 worth herself of my stuff, but hey, money is money, right?

Going to do the yard sale thing again this Saturday, and then go to the Civil War days in Columbus Park. They always have this big civil war reenactment the second weekend of October down there. Pretty interesting, really. Maybe I'll get some pictures and post them.