Friday, March 26, 2010

Cleaning has its rewards

No, really. I'm talking about a real reward!

You see, I saw this post the other day on the FlyLady Forums, about a woman who was keeping a marble jar for herself. The idea behind a marble jar is normally for kids. For each chore done, they get to place a marble in the jar. Once the jar is full, they get a reward. So this woman had adapted the idea for herself. For each routine that she gets completed, she gets a marble. She also gets a marble for any weekly goal that she finishes.

So here's my "marble jar".

So I have a morning routine, that begins as soon as I wake up. It ends when I put the kids on the bus for school. Of course, parts of it will not work on weekends, such as getting the kids on the bus, or hubby off to work, since those things don't happen :p

The catch is, I have to do ALL of the items in the routine to be able to put a marble in my jar. Okay, so they aren't marbles, they are glass pebble things I found while decluttering, and the "jar" is a votive candle holder, but the principle still works.

I put this into practice this morning, and have already earned 2 marbles, and am working on the 3rd. Just need to clear a hot spot and work 15 minutes Zone Cleaning.

Once my jar is full, I get to take $5 for myself. I can blow it on whatever I want, or save it to blow on something bigger ;)

So yes, cleaning DOES have its rewards :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Procrastination has Consequences

So I'm on the phone talking to my sister about the FlyLady Crisis Cleaning segment on BlogTalkRadio. I had just finished mentioning to her about how I kept putting off washing the pots and pans. I would wash cups/glasses, plates, bowls, utensils, but would always find an excuse to stop before the pots and pans. So needless to say, they were all dirty, still waiting to be washed.

While talking to my sister on the phone, I hear a noise from the kitchen, so I go in there to investigate. Nobody's in there. Alyssa? I'd thought my little girl was playing in there. Then I see a cabinet door move. I open the door, and there she is, hiding in the cabinet where the pots and pans belong. Of course there's plenty of room in there for her to play, because all of the pots and pans are on the counter, still dirty, still waiting to be washed.

Here's a pic I snapped of her playing in the cabinet.

Okay, so now I need to go wash those pots and pans. I think my procrastination has gone on long enough, and I need to do something about it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Flylady Musings

It's funny when you look back and begin to realize exactly how much influence a person has had on your life. Marla Cilley, aka the FlyLady, has had a tremendous impact on the way I clean my house. Even when I start to think that I've "fallen off the wagon", I just stop and remember that I can jump back on at any time. No catching up, just jump back in.

A short list off the top of my head of what FlyLady has taught me.

You can do anything 15 minutes at a time.
Even housework done incorrectly blesses the home.
My house didn't get dirty overnight, so don't expect it to be clean overnight.
Babysteps and Routines are important!
Do It Now!
My before bed routine prepares me for the day.

There are tons of other things that I've taken to heart, but those are a few of the important (to me) ones.

Wow, I'm up really early on a Saturday morning. And I haven't even done my Morning Routine.
Okay, part of it is done, because technically, getting Randall ready for work and out the door is part of my "Morning Routine", but there remains a few things to be done. Make the bed. Swish and Swipe. Start a load of laundry. Feed the dog. Eat breakfast.

Oh well, Farmville is calling, so I'll start on all that later.