Saturday, March 20, 2010

Flylady Musings

It's funny when you look back and begin to realize exactly how much influence a person has had on your life. Marla Cilley, aka the FlyLady, has had a tremendous impact on the way I clean my house. Even when I start to think that I've "fallen off the wagon", I just stop and remember that I can jump back on at any time. No catching up, just jump back in.

A short list off the top of my head of what FlyLady has taught me.

You can do anything 15 minutes at a time.
Even housework done incorrectly blesses the home.
My house didn't get dirty overnight, so don't expect it to be clean overnight.
Babysteps and Routines are important!
Do It Now!
My before bed routine prepares me for the day.

There are tons of other things that I've taken to heart, but those are a few of the important (to me) ones.

Wow, I'm up really early on a Saturday morning. And I haven't even done my Morning Routine.
Okay, part of it is done, because technically, getting Randall ready for work and out the door is part of my "Morning Routine", but there remains a few things to be done. Make the bed. Swish and Swipe. Start a load of laundry. Feed the dog. Eat breakfast.

Oh well, Farmville is calling, so I'll start on all that later.

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