Friday, March 26, 2010

Cleaning has its rewards

No, really. I'm talking about a real reward!

You see, I saw this post the other day on the FlyLady Forums, about a woman who was keeping a marble jar for herself. The idea behind a marble jar is normally for kids. For each chore done, they get to place a marble in the jar. Once the jar is full, they get a reward. So this woman had adapted the idea for herself. For each routine that she gets completed, she gets a marble. She also gets a marble for any weekly goal that she finishes.

So here's my "marble jar".

So I have a morning routine, that begins as soon as I wake up. It ends when I put the kids on the bus for school. Of course, parts of it will not work on weekends, such as getting the kids on the bus, or hubby off to work, since those things don't happen :p

The catch is, I have to do ALL of the items in the routine to be able to put a marble in my jar. Okay, so they aren't marbles, they are glass pebble things I found while decluttering, and the "jar" is a votive candle holder, but the principle still works.

I put this into practice this morning, and have already earned 2 marbles, and am working on the 3rd. Just need to clear a hot spot and work 15 minutes Zone Cleaning.

Once my jar is full, I get to take $5 for myself. I can blow it on whatever I want, or save it to blow on something bigger ;)

So yes, cleaning DOES have its rewards :)

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