Friday, December 17, 2010

SpongeBob - Free Crochet Pattern/Recipe

This is a gift I made for a nephew who LOVES SpongeBob SquarePants. I wanted something small, so I came up with my own pattern. It's a bit fiddly, and I might have to rework the pattern a bit if I ever make another one, but I took notes as I made this one, and if you should want to make one of your own, and are capable of guessing how a pattern should go, you shouldn't have much of a problem with this one. And of course, if you should have ANY questions about any part of the pattern, feel free to leave a comment, or send me a message on Ravelry, username smscreen

Yarn: WW yarn in yellow, dk brown, white, black, and red (tiny amounts of each)
Hook: E
stuffing, yarn needle

ch 13 in yellow
Row 1: starting in 2nd ch from hook, sc 12 across, ch1, turn.
Row 2-3: sc 12 across, ch1, turn
Row 4: sc 11 across, sc 2 in last sc
Working down sides of rows, work 3 sc, then 2 sc in corner. Continue working around, on opposite side of foundation chain, work 10 sc across, 2 sc in corner. Work 3 sc across short end, with two sc in corner.
Begin working in rounds
Rnd 1: in BLO, work sc in each sc around (35)
Rnd 2 - 13: sc in each sc around
Add facial details, eyes, eyelashes, nose, smile, etc
with white:
Rnd 1: 6 sc in magic ring
Rnd 2: 2sc in each sc around
attach to head with black yarn to make pupil and eyelashes.

Ch 6
Row 1: sc 5 across, turn
Row 2: work sc into same stitch as previous row (double up your first sc row)
FO by weaving tail through length of nose to beginning tail, and use tail to tie nose onto face.

In brown
Rep instructions for head through rnd 4.
JOINING body pieces:
After stuffing both halves, I joined the two pieces with one round of sc. Going in the top edge of the pants, from outside to inside, then on through the top piece from inside to outside, and doing the sc in this manner.
Depending on your preference, you can either begin/end at the center back, to the side, or at the center front (to make an open collar look)
Doing the sc join in this way made the look of a "collar" around the top edge of his shirt, and I really liked the looks of it.

LEGS (make 2)
In black
ch 4, turn, sc 2 across, then 4 sc into last ch to begin a turn and work into opposite side of foundation ch.
sc across bottom of foundation ch with 4 sc in last st.
Mark beginning of rnds if you want, although it's not important.
Here's where the pattern gets a bit "recipe"ish. As I didn't take notes on the legs, since I made these up while in the car waiting for my son to get out of school. 
Rnd 1: sc along side of "shoe", and make 2 inc in toe end. sc back around to back of foot.
Rnd 2: sc along side of shoe, and make 2 dec in toe end, sc back around to back of foot.
Rnd 3: sc around, making 2 more dec in toe end of shoe.
change to white, and sc around evenly for 5 rnds.
work 6th rnd of white in BLO
change to Brown
attach yarn to first unworked front loop from last rnd of white.
sc around 3 rnds
Stuff very lightly, or just stuff with extra tails from yarn changes. Fold edges together flat, and attach to front edge of bottom of body through the unworked front loops at the bottom corner edge of the pants.

ARMS (make 2)
in Yellow
ch 14, sl st in 3rd ch from hook, (makes first "finger")
ch 3, sl st in first ch of ch 3,  (makes second "finger")
ch 3, sl st in first ch of ch 3, (makes third "finger"), sl st back down length of chain, into "bumps" on bottom of foundation ch.

Attach to body under collar of shirt.

Stitch up a little tie using red yarn, and attach it to front of body under collar of shirt.
I did a simple ch 4, then pulled the yarn through, and wrapped it around the last stitch about 4 times to create a bit of a bulge at the end. I attached it using the tails at the top of the tie, and at the bottom of the tie.

I hope I explained the pattern well enough so that you can make your own SpongeBob buddy if you want to.
This little guy measures about 7" tall from top of head to bottom of foot.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bella Swan's La Push Hat (edited version)

So I found this great pattern for a hat with cabling that looked awesome. Just as an added bonus, it was a copy of the hat from the Twilight movie that Bella wore.
With the pattern in mind, I took off to my LYS and found some yarn that I loved. Lion Brand Yarn Jiffy solid in Espresso. I finally started the project late Saturday evening, and made quite a bit of progress before going to bed. I picked it up the next day to work on while watching Eclipse, which my wonderful hubby had just picked up for me. Early Christmas gift that will never make it under the tree.

Trying to concentrate on a pattern using a new technique (fpdc, and bpdc) while watching a new movie is NOT recommended, by the way.

The pattern was fairly simple, 22 rows. After finishing row 17, I was out of yarn. No problem, I had two more skeins, but wait, how does it fit? I tried it on, and looked toward my husband, whom I could no longer see as the hat came way down over my eyes. Yay! this meant I could adjust the pattern to finish out with just one skein instead of using a tiny bit from another one.

So I adjusted the pattern down to be 17 rows total, and moved the ribbing down a few rows here and there to even them out. (Shout-out to the designer, I would be more than happy to share my adjusted pattern so you can offer a one-skein hat) Finally gave up working on it that night, and finished it off this morning while waiting for the school bus to come by. I actually had it completed in time to wear outside while walking my 7yo son to the bus. Loved it! So warm and soft.

Here are a few more pics of me modeling the hat.

If anyone loves this hat enough to make one for themselves, you can find it on
Bella's Beanie

Happy Crocheting, everyone!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mini Stuffed Football - Free Crochet Pattern

Mini Stuffed Football

WW yarn in dk brown and white, or team colors of your coice.
Hook E
Stuffing (either polyfil or strips of fabric for extra weight)
INC = Increase
DEC = Decrease
sc = single crochet
rnd = Round
Special Instructions: Repeat instructions between * *
Increase by working 2 single crochet in same stitch.
Decrease by inserting hook into front loop on stitch, draw up a loop, insert hook into front loop of next stitch, draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through all three loops on hook.
Lacing: worked with one strand of white yarn, draw yarn through starting point and leave a long tail running the length of where you will work. make each stitch crossing the tail twice before moving to the next stitch. Tuck both tails to the inside when finished, and tie together to secure.

Notes: this is worked in a continuous spiral, do not join rounds.


Rnd 1: 8 sc in magic circle  (8)
Rnd 2: INC in each sc around  (16)
Rnd 3: sc in each sc around  (16)
Rnd 4: *sc in next 3 sc, INC* around  (20)
Rnd 5: sc in each sc around  (20)
Rnd 6: *sc in next 4 sc, INC* around  (24)
Rnd 7: *sc in next 3 sc, INC* around  (30)
Change color to white
Rnd 8: *sc in next 4 sc, INC* around  (36)
Rnd 9: sc in each sc around  (36)
Change color back to brown
Rnd 10: *sc in next 11 sc, INC* around  (39)
Rnd 11: sc in each sc around  (39)
Rnd 12: *sc in next 12 sc, INC* around  (42)
Rnd 13: sc in each sc around  (42)
Rnd 14: *sc in next 13 sc, INC* around  (45)
Rnd 15: sc in each sc around  (45)
Rnd 16: *sc in next 14 sc, INC* around  (48)
Rnd 17: sc in each sc around  (48)
Rnd 18: *sc in next 15 sc, INC* around  (51)
Rnd 19 - 20: sc in each sc around (51)
Rnd 21: *sc in next 15 sc, DEC* around  (48)
Rnd 22: sc in each sc around  (48)
Rnd 23: *sc in next 14 sc, DEC* around  (45)
Rnd 24: sc in each sc around  (45)
Rnd 25: *sc in next 13 sc, DEC* around  (42)
Rnd 26: sc in each sc around  (42)
Rnd 27: *sc in next 12 sc, DEC* around  (39)
Rnd 28: sc in each sc around  (39)
Rnd 29: *sc in next 11 sc, DEC* around  (36)
Change color to white
Rnd 30: sc in each sc around  (36)
Rnd 31: *sc in next 4 sc, DEC* around  (30)
Change color to brown
Rnd 32: *sc in next 3 sc, DEC* around  (24)
Rnd 33: *sc in next 4 sc, DEC* around  (20)
Stitch laces on body of football, first cross lace beginning 3 rounds from white stripe, last cross lace ending 3 rounds from other white stripe, with 8 laces total. Stuff
Rnd 34: sc in each sc around  (20)
Rnd 35: *sc in next 3 sc, DEC* around  (16)
Rnd 36: sc in each sc around  (16)
Stuff a little more
Rnd 37: *DEC* around  (8)
Stuff a little more if possible.
Weave tail through last 8 stitches and pull to close. FO

I used about 2 of my husband's old socks, cut into strips to stuff my football, It's a bit heftier than if I'd used regular polyfil.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Little Birdie - Free Crochet Pattern

A Little Birdie

Materials: Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Country Blue and Pale Yellow (or colors of your own choice).
Hook: E
Black yarn, small safety eyes, or floss for eyes
Finished size: About 4 1/2" tall

ch = chain
sc = single crochet
INC = Increase (work 2 single crochets in same stitch)
DEC = Decrease (insert hook in front loop of stitch, draw up a loop, insert hook in front loop of next stitch, draw up a loop. Yarn over and draw through all 3 loops on hook)
st = stitch
rnd(s) = Round(s)
slst = slip stitch
FLO = front loops only
BLO = back loops only

BEAK (in yellow)
ch 4
Row 1: sc in 2nd st from hook, DEC, ch 1, turn
Row 2: DEC, slst, pull yarn through, pull to tighten the st, then weave in tail. Use beginning tail to attach to head.

HEAD (in blue)
Rnd 1: 6sc in magic circle
Rnd 2: INC in each sc around (12)
Rnd 3: *sc in next sc, INC* around  (18)
Rnd 4: *sc in next 2 sc, INC* around (24)
Rnd 5-8: sc in each sc around
Rnd 9: *sc in next 2 sc, DEC* around  (18)
Attach beak between rnds 6 & 7
Attach eyes appropiately depending on what you are using.
Rnd 10: *sc, DEC* around  (12)
Rnd 11: sc in each sc around
Rnd 12: *sc in next sc, INC* around (18)
Stuff head
Rnd 13: *sc in next 2 sc, INC* around (24)
Rnd 14: *sc in next 3 sc, INC* around (30)
Rnd 15-19: sc in each sc around
Rnd 20: *sc in next 3 sc, DEC* around (24)
Rnd 21: *sc in next sc, DEC* around (16)
Rnd 22: *sc in next sc, DEC* 5 times, sc (11)
Stuff body
Rnd 23: DEC 5 or 6 times, until hole is small enough to close off. Finish stuffing body, weave tail through remaining stitches, and pull to tighten and close. Weave in tail.

FOOT (make 2) (in yellow)
Rnd 1: ch 2, 6 sc in 1st ch.
Rnd 2: INC in first sc, INC in next sc, sc, ch 1, turn
No longer working in rnds.
Row 1: Make Bobble*, slst to next sc, ch 1, make Bobble, slst to next sc, ch 1, make Bobble, slst in same st, pull yarn through and tighten. Weave end in.
Use beginning tail to attach to bottom of body.

*Make Bobble: wrap yarn over hook, insert hook into st and draw up a loop, yarn over, and pull through 2 loops on hook. wrap yarn over hook, insert hook into same st and draw up a loop, yarn over, and pull through 2 loops on hook. Wrap yarn over hook, and pull through all 3 loops on hook.

LEFT WING (in blue)
Row 1: Ch 8, sc in 2nd ch from hook, and in each st across. Ch 1, turn
Row 2: In BLO, sc 6, ch 1, turn.
Row 3: In FLO, slst 2 times, then sc 4 times. Ch 1, turn
Row 4: In BLO, sc 4, ch 1, turn
Row 5: In FLO, slst across to end of row, ch 1.
Row 6: working down sides of rows, work the following:
sc, (hdc, dc), (dc, hdc), sc
FO and attach to body.

RIGHT WING (in blue)
Row 1: Ch 8, sc in 2nd ch from hook, and in each st across. Ch 1, turn
Row 2: In FLO, sc 6, ch 1, turn.
Row 3: In BLO, slst 2 times, then sc 4 times. Ch 1, turn
Row 4: In FLO, sc 4, ch 1, turn
Row 5: In BLO, slst across to end of row, ch 1.
Row 6: working down sides of rows, work the following:
sc, (hdc, dc), (dc, hdc), sc
FO and attach to body.

TAIL (in blue)
Row 1: Ch 6, starting in 2nd ch from hok, work 5 sc across. (One tail feather made)
Row 2: Repeat Row 1 (Second tail feather made)
Row 3: Repeat Row 1 (Third tail feather made)
Row 4: Turn so "feathers" are hanging down, you will be working across the ends of these rows.
Ch 1, sc in first ch of third feather row
sc in first ch of second feather row
sc in first ch of first feather row, ch 1, turn
Row 5: sc across 3 sts. Ch 1, turn
Row 6: sc across 3 sts. FO & attach to back of body between rnds 18 & 19

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Getting Behind

Still working on projects for Christmas. And I just taught myself how to knit. I don't have any knitting needles though. One of the little projects I was doing had the pattern for a tiny knit scarf, so I decided to use the wrong ends of two H hooks. Knitting is fun!

I know, I probably just made knitters cringe in horror, but don't worry, I plan on getting myself some knitting needles very soon. :)

I have a job interview today, so I might have less time to spend on my crafts if all goes well at the interview. But less time for crafting evens out with more money to spend on yarn, and supplies. :D

I've completed 3 small projects for my nephews. Still have my niece, another nephew, and my son to finish up. Plus two other nieces if I can find the time. I've got a lot to do!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Fuzzy Kitty - Free Pattern

Made up this pattern for my daughter, because she wanted a kitty cat, and the yarn I wanted to use wasn't compatible with any pattern I found already available, so I made it up as I went along. I jotted down notes so I could share the pattern. ;)
Yarn: Yarn Bee Soft Illusion Super Bulky
Hook: I/9 (5.50mm)
Safety Eyes/Nose (or button, or floss to embroider)
Fiberfill or other stuffing

Rnd 1: 6 sc in magic circle
Rnd 2: 2 sc in each sc around (12)
Rnd 3: 1 sc in next sc, 2sc in next sc around (18)
Rnd 4: 1 sc in next 2 sc, 2sc in next sc around (24)
Rnd 5: 1 sc in next 3 sc, 2sc in next sc around (30)
Rnd 6-11: sc in each sc around
Rnd 12: 1 sc in next 3 sc, dec around (24)
Rnd 13: 1 sc in next 2 sc, dec around (18)
Rnd 14: 1 sc in next sc, dec around (12)
At this point, attach eyes/nose, add facial features. Stuff head
Rnd 15-16: sc in each sc around
Continue for BODY
Rnd 17: 1 sc in next sc, 2sc in next sc around (18)
Rnd 18: 1 sc in next 2 sc, 2sc in next sc around (24)
Rnd 19-23: sc in each sc around
Rnd 24: 1 sc in next 5 sc, 2 sc in next sc around (28)
Rnd 25-26: sc in each sc around
Rnd 27: 1 sc in next 5 sc, dec around (24)
Rnd 28: 1 sc in next 2 sc, dec around (18)
Rnd 29: 1 sc in next sc, dec around (12)
Stuff body
Rnd 30: dec around (6)
Stuff body, close opening.

LEGS & ARMS (make 4)
Rnd 1: 4 sc in magic circle
Rnd 2: 2 sc in each sc around (8)
Rnd 3: 1 sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc around (12)
Rnd 4-5: sc in each sc around
Rnd 6: 1 sc in next sc, dec around (8)
Stuff paw
Rnd 7-18: sc in each sc around

Rnd 1: 4 sc in magic circle
Rnd 2: 2 sc in each sc around (8)
Rnd 3-24: sc in each sc around

EARS (make 2)
Ch 5
Sc in 2nd ch from hook
(hdc, dc, tr) in next ch
(dc, hdc) in next ch
(sc, sl st) in last ch
Pull yarn through on last sl st, cut long tail for joining ear to head.

Attach arms, legs, and tail in same manner.
Press open edges at top together and sew through both thicknesses to attach to body.
Attach ears to head, leaving a slight curve at bottom of ear.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Book Tote with Free Pattern

Book Tote with Free Pattern

Materials: Red Heart Super Saver Solids - 1 7oz skein of Frosty Green (F) and 1 7oz skein of Medium Thyme (M)
Hook Size: G
Gauge: 5sc = 1" and 6 rnds = 1"
Finished Size: 14" wide, 5 1/4" deep, 10" tall with 16" strap to center point from top edge of bag.
Optional: Cardboard cut to 14" x 5 1/4"
rnd = round
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
hdc = half double crochet
dc = double crochet
BLO = back loops only
FO = Fasten off (usually join with slip stitch to next stitch, pull up a tail and cut, then weave tail into work)

Bag Pattern
Wtih M, ch 61
Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook
Row 2: sc in each sc across, ch-1, turn
Rep row 2 for a total of 22 rows, but work 2sc in last st of last row. DO NOT TURN but begin working in rnds.
Rnd 1: sc across short end (20 sc) with 2sc in last st. Continue working sc in each sc across long edge, with 2sc in last sc for corner. sc across short end. Do Not Join.
Rnd 2: Working in BLO for this round only, sc in each sc around
Rnd 3 - 12: sc in each sc around
Rnd 13: Change color to F, sc in each sc around
Rnd 14 - 22: sc in each sc around
Rnd 23: (Do not chain), but begin working hdc in each sc around
Rnd 24: hdc in each hdc around
Rnd 25: (Do not chain), but begin working dc in each hdc around
Rnd 26 - 32: dc in each dc around
Rnd 33: hdc in each dc around
Rnd 34: hdc in each hdc around
Rnd 35: sc in each hdc around
Rnd 36 - 40: sc in each sc around
Rnd 41: Change color to M, sc in each sc around
Rnd 42: sc in each sc around, FO, weave in ends

Straps pattern:
With M, ch 441, or until about 58" long
Row 1: starting in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across, ch-1, turn
Row 2: sc in each sc across, ch-3, turn
Row 3: dc in each sc across, ch-1, turn
Row 4: sc in each sc across, ch-1, turn
Row 5: sc in each sc across, FO

Join long strap together at short ends to make a large circle, being careful not to twist.
Place seam at bottom of bag about 15 st from short edge of bottom. Stitch strap into place along bottom and up sides of bag.
With this side attached, find the center point on the opposite side of the "strap circle" and attach to opposite side of the bottom of the bag, the same as the first side of the strap. (see photos for placement clarification).

Optional: Cut a thick piece of cardboard to the same measurements of the bottom of the bag and place inside bottom of bag for more strength to bottom.

If you encounter any problems with this pattern, please let me know.
This pattern should be able to be easily adjusted for a larger or smaller bag, and with longer or shorter straps. Feel free to play with it to make a bag of your own liking.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

So hubby had to work, and got home too late to go with us, so I arranged to meet up with some friend and family to go together. First we went to the parade in town. There were some very good costumes out there!

After the parade, we met up and piled on the hayride and went around the neighborhood to all the houses.
When all was said and done, my kids had raked in over 6 lbs of candy.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Storm passing through

So I woke up this morning, and went to log on the internet, check my email, facebook, etc, etc. And all of a sudden, I notice that the wind outside is blowing really strong. Wow, we might finally be getting some rain. So I check our local news channel on the web, and find out we are under a Tornado Watch.

Okay, I don't know about you, but I am absolutely TERRIFIED of storms. So here I am, sitting at the computer with 3 tabs on showing different weather aspects, pacing around the house looking out of every window, watching the radar and trying to calculate when the main body of the storm is going to hit us... I realize that I tend to go a little overboard when storms pass through. Turns out, all we got out of it was some strong wind gusts, and tiny sprinkling of rain. No Lightning. No Tornadoes. Here my stomach is tied in KNOTS, and nothing happens. My husband laughs at me for being paranoid.... my sister (who I call on the phone), giggles at my paranoia while trying to show some sympathy.

I'm thinking the holiday trip will be cancelled. My sister won't be coming down for Thanksgiving after all, because we won't have a house if a tornado rips through it. I'll have to call my mom to see if she can come home early because the house is gone.

LOL. Yeah, I'm one of those people. But so far so good. Looks like it is clearing out. Good thing, too, because we plan on driving to Jackson today, which is a good 2 hours away, in a car that has bald tires, and a bad wobble. So I'm not looking forward to that. :p

So needless to say, my house didn't blow away, the holiday trip won't be cancelled, and I don't have to call my mom home from the boat...

Still, I don't like storms, never have, and most likely never will. Unless I'm in a securely fortified stone/brick bunker that has no chance of ever being uprooted by wind/rain or other natural disasters. And seeing as how we can't afford anything like that... Yeah, I just pray that it's not storming the day I finally die. Because that would suck.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Nutty Buddies" Amigurumi Acorns with Oak Leaf

I found a pattern for some cute amigurumi acorns by June Gilbank. (Original pattern here:
My husband said they would look better with a leaf to go with them, so I came up with my own pattern. Check earlier blog posts for the Oak Leaf pattern.
I'm making 7 sets of these as gifts for Christmas, and I have 3 done, 4 more to go. All I need to do to finish the last 4 at this point, is sewing on eyes, mouth, attaching the "cap", and putting it all together. So it shouldn't take long to finish these up.

Bookmark for nephew

I made this bookmark for my nephew, based off the "Boo" Bookmark by Lee Mathewson. You can find the original pattern here:

I changed the "open" filet to closed, and the "closed" to open, because I liked the look of it better, and also because I don't like all the open spots. I'm still thinking about blocking this one, and making it stiffer to be better as a bookmark, but again, this is for a tweenager ;)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oak Leaf with Free Pattern

I came up with this pattern after a few failed attempts, when I couldn't find a pattern for a leaf that I liked.
I like the curl that runs through it, instead of it being just a flat leaf.
As always, I tend to use whatever yarn I have on hand, and these don't use much at all. I made these using a G Hook.

Gauge: Not important.
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
st = stitch
lp = loop
sl st = slip stitch
tc = treble crochet
Piece will curl as you
work, try to hold it flat to make sure you can see what you are doing.

Oak Leaf Ch 20, turn  
Row 1: Starting in second st from hook, sc in next 4 st, ch 2, then work 2 tc in next st, Ch 2, sc in next 2 st, ch 2, work 2 tc in next st, ch 2, sc in next 2 st, ch 2, work 2 tc in next 2 st, ch 2, sc in next 2 st, sl st in last 5 st, ch 1
Row 2: Working in opposite side of foundation chain, work 1 sc in each st across (19 st), ch 1, turn
Row 3: repeat row 1. FO, weave in ends or use to tie to another piece.

If you like this pattern, want to try it yourself, or have problems with it, please leave a comment.

Pumpkin Pouches - with Free Pattern

I made these at the request of my sister, Angelia. I think they turned out rather well, and they also gave me some ideas for other patterns I want to try. These are very simple drawstring bags, and I'm sharing the pattern here. Keep in mind, that I tend to work with basic Red Heart yarn bought at Wal-Mart, and I like working with the G hook. But these patterns are very forgivable, so just grab your favorite yarn and hook, because the gauge really isn't important here.

Note: piece is worked in rounds, no joining.
This pattern should be easily adjusted if you want a smaller or larger bag.

Pumpkin Pouch Begin with a "magic ring", adjustable ring. Ch 1
Rnd 1: sc 6 times into ring.(6 st)
Rnd 2: 2 sc in each sc around.(12 st)
Rnd 3: 2 sc in each sc around.(24 st)
Rnd 4: *1 sc in next st, 2 sc in next st* repeat between * 12 times.(36 st)
Rnd 5: *1 sc in next 8 st, 2 sc in next st* repeat between * 4 times.(40 st)
Rnd 6-23: sc in each sc around.(40 st)
Rnd 24: *1 sc in next 4 st, ch 1, sk st* repeat between * 8 times.(40 st)
Rnd 25 & 26: sc in each st around. FO and weave in ends.(40 st)
ch 65 or about 15 inches long.
If you like this pattern, want to try it, or have questions, please let me know.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Painting the Kitchen

So I've decided that I want to redo my kitchen from a pink/blue/tan country flower type decor, to one more to my liking. Keeping in mind that the countertops are a pale blue, I had to work that into my new theme.
So I decided to go with this country bear that I have some potholders and towels for.

So the tan cabinets and blue countertops that are currently in the kitchen will work well with this new theme. However, there is some red in there that I wanted to bring out. So I decided to paint the "backsplash" a nice dark red color. Here's hoping it will turn out ok.

The following pictures are of the same corner of the kitchen, of different stages of my painting project today.

Here is the previous wallpaper that was in the kitchen. It was a light cream background with the pink and blue flowers all over it. Fine for my mother, but not so much for me.

Here is the same corner, after I moved things out of the way and peeled the paper off. It was contact paper, which is different from normal paper, being sticky on the back out of the wrapper. It pulled off fairly easily.
Next I went around with a steel scrubber and roughened up the paint that was there, trying to smooth it out. Then I went over it with a wet cloth to remove the dust I'd created. Next I took masking tape and taped off around the kitchen above and below where I wanted to paint.

First coat of paint, second coat of paint, outlet covers replaced. I think it turned out great!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Goal: 7 Christmas Gifts completed before Thanksgiving

Status: 4.5/7
So I have 3 "Nutty Buddies" to make, 2 are crocheted, just need eyes and velcro. I'll finish that up today. I have the picture cross-stitched and framed for my sister, one finished project for my niece (I won't mention what it is, in case she happens to read this over her mother's shoulder) :p
I have half of my nephew's gift done. It's a 2-piece gift, and one of the pieces is completed.
Then I have the other half to complete, 1 more Nutty Buddies to make, and 1 gift for my dear brother-in-law. And the reason these need to be ready before Thanksgiving? Because they are coming down to visit from Michigan, and I plan on saving myself some postage. LOL. Aren't I the penny-pincher? :p

So I'd love to show off the framed cross-stitch, but I don't want my sister to see it. So after Christmas, I'll have all the pictures posted up. I'm really excited about getting all these projects completed.

Then of course, I have more to make after those, but those are the ones I need to get finished by the time they come down.
I'll have the gift for my other sister, plus 3 more of the Nutty Buddies, maybe 4 if I'm feeling real froggy about it ;)
Then 2 more nephews to make gifts for, plus my own 2 children. Then there's hubby. I'm thinking I'll either make him something to wear, or save some money up and buy him a GPS.

Getting ready for a big county-wide yard sale this next weekend, Oct 2nd. Hoping it doesn't rain because they won't reschedule, and there are no refunds. Seems a bit odd to me to have neither, but oh well. We'll have a spot on the courthouse square for the sale, so it's a prime location. And then the following weekend is the big Civil War Days at the park close to where I live, so again, another prime yard-sale time/location. We'll hold our leftovers from the first one to have the next one. And then it's off to the Mission House with everything that doesn't sell. The main point of the yard sale is to get rid of our junk. The money we make is just a bonus. :)

I guess that's about it for updates right now. See you next time :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love new curtains

So I was shopping the other day and came upon some curtains on clearance. These are the same type of curtains that are hanging in my bedroom, which I love. I couldn't pass them up, as I'd already commented that I wanted that kind of curtains in my living room. So I got them.
Here's how they look. Keep in mind that ugly border will be coming down eventually.

Here are what my old curtains looked like:

Crafty Ideas

So I'm already started on making Christmas gifts this year. And yes, I said "making". I am crocheting, and doing counted cross-stitch. My sisters and I agreed that since we are all flat broke, buying yarn/thread for making gifts is much cheaper than buying gifts. Plus, the fact that they are hand made just makes them more special :)

So, I'll put up a couple pics of what I'm making. Now, keep in mind that I'm not the world's greatest at crochet, considering I've barely any experience.

For one of my nieces, I'm making a bunny. I found the pattern for it online free here:

Here's my pic of the completed bunny I made.

The pattern called for just one color of thread to be used, but I started with a partially used roll of yarn (leftover from one of my mother's projects in days long gone), and got worried that I was going to run out before I could finish. So I just decided to use a different color for the ears. I believe it turned out rather striking :) I found some buttons to use for the face. I think the little white heart for the nose is too cute.

I will be making another one of these for my daughter, but using a fuzzier yarn. It will probably turn out cute, I hope, but I've never used that kind of yarn before, and have been warned that it doesn't work as easy as worsted weight yarn like I used on the above bunny. Oh well, my daughter is only 3, and she isn't picky ;)

I have ideas for my nephews, and am working on my own design for a bag for my sister. I'm also putting ideas together to create a unique cross-stitch picture for my other sister. I'm hoping they will be well-pleased. Keep an eye out for the completed projects to be posted here.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Well, Saturday was my adopted niece's birthday. She turned 12. I took her with me to Wal-Mart and let her pick out a $10 gift. It was more than I could afford really, but I wanted to do something for her ;) Also she got to spend the night with me, and I baked her a cake and decorated it for her.

Sunday, I met a few of my cousins at the State Park just a few miles from here, and we had a nice cook-out there. Randall even came with me :) Well, he actually headed out with our son a few minutes before I did, but he stayed and ate with us.

Monday, Randall's brother had a cook-out, so we went over there for that. Then came home, and had an early night.

So today it's back to normal finally. Kids are back in school.

I decided to go ahead and rearrange my living room. After coming to the startling realization that I absolutely hated everything about my living room, I tried to think of what I could do to make me like it better. Because I hated it so much, I rarely sat to watch tv with hubby, and I didn't like going in there to clean, either.

So at this moment, the room is almost finished (other than paint and slipcovers) except for the tv. The hole I drilled to move the satellite cable wasn't big enough, so the stupid battery has to be recharged for the third time to drill a third hole to make the hole I already have there a bit bigger. Sad, isn't it? So the kids are happily playing without TV for now. Good thing they don't depend on it for entertainment. :p

So I guess when I get it all done, I'll try to get a couple pics of it posted. Can't wait to get that horribly ugly border down and paint the walls and trim. Also need to find a cheap slipcover for that couch, if possible. Although until I can change out that horrid blue carpet, there's not much sense in covering up a blue couch. LOL.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Thirty

Day 30- Who are you?

Well, now that's not a simple question.

I'm a 33 year old stay at home mother, with ambitions to redecorate my house. I juggle family meals, household cleaning, and childcare with pleasing my husband, taking care of the dogs, and playing on the computer.
I'm very addicted to the computer, and spend way too much time on it :p
Which is probably why it's so hard to lose weight!

I have a dry sense of humor, that not every one gets, but that's okay. I am me, and there's no one else I'd rather be.

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Twenty-Nine

Day 29- In this past month, what have you learned?

I've learned that I still have to be reminded to remember to blog daily :p

I've learned that I am not happy with my current weight, and can't believe that I don't have more pictures of myself, my family, and my friends. I've learned that I don't have that many friends.

I've also learned that I like to laugh at myself. Better than crying, I guess :p

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Twenty-Eight

Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?

The first pic was taken about a year ago, I think. I'd just cut my hair for the first time ever by going to a professional. I loved the way it turned out, but of course, I didn't keep it maintained, and now it's about grown out again to the same as always. Time to get it cut again. As far as weight, nothing's really changed. I might be a size smaller, but I think I'm the same size in both these pics.

As far as things in my life... well, we've all gotten a year older, and wiser (hopefully). I do intend to work harder at losing weight, cleaning the house, etc. My house has looked pretty good for longer than it usually does at a time. Thanks to the new TotH and BotH challenges with my sister ;) Thanks, Becca!!

Here's hoping that if I post a pic of me a year from now, I will have dropped at least one size or more in clothing, been able to keep my house clean the entire time, and been able to complete a few projects I have in mind.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Twenty-Seven

Day 27- Why are you doing this 30 day challenge?

That's an easy one. I was on facebook, and saw where a friend had linked her tumblr posts, and she was in the middle of doing one of these 30 day challenges. As I read back through her posts, I thought it was a neat idea, and wanted to do one myself.

Also, it's a good way to get me in the habit of posting everyday. Instead of letting months and months go by without a single post to update my blog.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Twenty-Six

Day 26- What you think about your friends?

I think it is hard for me to have a really good friend. I have some great acquaintances. I have some awesome sisters. I have wonderful cousins.
Anyone I ever get close to, I end up finding a problem with them. Either they are back-stabbers, have an extremely annoying habit, or leech off me to the point of costing me quite a bit of money.
Seems like you can't trust anyone anymore. So I'm very grateful to my sisters. They are the best friends in the world that anyone could wish for. Someone to laugh over silly things with, get sympathy for big or small problems, grumble about someone's odd behaviour, or whatever is needed. Usually a quick phone call can cheer me up when I'm feeling depressed. Jump online and see them online too brings a goofy grin to my face. I don't know what I would do without my sisters, and I just hope that they know I love them.

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Twenty-Five

Day 25- What I would find in your bag?

Right now in my purse is:
My wallet, with no paper money, some coins, some receipts, the checkbook, some insurance cards for the kids, debit card, a credit card for Fashion Bug (which I've never used), Shoe Carnival BOGO card, Walmart gift card (that I think is empty, but is reloadable for 3 cents off a gallon of gas), drivers license, and an expired proof of insurance. (don't worry, the current one is in the vehicle) ;)

A flashlight, chapstick, and calculator. a couple of pens (can't be without those), a few paint chip cards, and that's it.
Pretty boring, huh?

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Twenty-Four

Day 24- A letter to your parents.

My dad passed away a couple years ago. He was one of the biggest influences in my life. If I ever sensed his disappointment in me, I would feel crushed. His opinion mattered a lot to me.

Dear Dad,
I miss you more than words can tell. I depended on you for a lot of things. Just little things, a lot of times, but still, it was a comfort to be able to call you and ask you silly questions. You always had time to give me an answer.
Your values in life are ones I want to claim for my own. I know I fall short in a lot of areas, but you gave me something to strive for. Even Randall says you were a great influence on him, for the short time he had to know you. He valued your opinions. He wanted to learn more from you, but time didn't let that happen. He regrets not spending more time with you.
I'm trying to help Mom around the house. I'm starting to see what you had to deal with concerning finances. I pray daily for the strength and wisdom to keep us out of debt, to keep the bills paid, and to not lose my temper.
I'm afraid I inherited your short hot temper. But like you, I've learned to control it. Maybe not as well as you, but I find myself constantly biting my tongue, or leaving the house, just to avoid losing my temper.
Just wanted to say thanks, for everything you did in my life. And I love you.
Your baby girl, Sherri

My mother is still with us, in fact, we live in the same house. After Dad passed away, she needed help taking care of the house and bills. This is a touchy subject right now, and I'm not going to get into too many details. But here's a letter I'd write to my Mom.

Dear Mom,
I know you are worried about being broke. Keep your chin up. We can budget and plan wisely and still have free money to splurge. Just not as much as you are used to.
Please stop acting like you are going to sell the house. I don't want to move again. I love it here.
I'm so glad that you are going to retire next year. I know that you've gotten older, and are tired of working long days away from home. I'm happy about your decision. Please don't worry about making less money. I can get a job and help out more. Which means that more of the housework will fall on you, and I'll expect you to help out.
But with FLyLady's systems, we can keep the house clean, laundry washed, meals cooked, and all that taken care of without a problem. Don't worry. I won't dump it all on you, I still expect to do a lot around the house.
Randall and I have so many plans for the house and yard. It is exciting to think what we can make of the place. That's why I get so upset to hear you talk about selling it. It feels like you are trying to destroy our dreams.
I know that's not what you mean to do, so I'm hoping that once you realize the truth of it, you'll stop making those remarks.
I have a deep love and fierce protectiveness for you, Mom. I defend you a lot. Yes, I know your memory is failing. That's okay. It's not to the point of being a huge handicap right now, just a little annoying. *wink*
I want to take care of you, and make sure you are happy. That's a hard thing to do, making you happy. It's always been the one thing I wasn't sure how to do. So help me out a little, okay? Give me a hint?
There is only one thing I ask of you. Please, PLEASE, stop talking about our personal home life to everyone. You promised that if you ever had a problem with something here, that you would come to me about it. Instead, I'm hearing about it from other people, and not from you. Keep your promise to talk to me about what's going on. I'm not the enemy, you know.
I love you, Mom. Please don't take any of this the wrong way.

Your loving daughter, Sherri

Friday, August 27, 2010

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Twenty-Three

Day 23- Something you crave for a lot.

Sweet Potatoes with Caramel Sauce. Yummm.
I also crave fried potatoes, thanks Rebecca for reminding me :p
And chocolate. What woman doesn't crave for chocolate?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Twenty-Two

Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else?

I guess you could call me a late bloomer. I didn't have many friends in school, and had very low self-esteem. Thus I was extremely shy.
I still am to an extent, but once I get to know you, I can be a very good friend to have. I'm a loyal friend, and willing to help generously.
I don't wear make-up, and don't fix up my hair. So it doesn't take me long to get ready to go somewhere.

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Twenty-One

Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy.

The Roamin' Gnome. I bought this little guy while in Michigan visiting my sister Rebecca. This little guy is supposed to be accompanying me on all my excursions, to pop up unexpectedly in photos.
I had to name him Bo. Because I always like Bo better than Roman. :p (see if you get that obscure reference)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Twenty

Day 20- Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future.

I'm already married, and I see myself with him for the rest of my life.

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Nineteen

Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them?
I have the nickname Wormy, which is short for Squirmy Wormy, because as a small child, I couldn't sit still :p
I also had the nickname Pony in school. This was because everyone knew I loved horses, but being a short person, they felt "Pony" was fitting, because a pony is a short horse. ;)

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Eighteen

Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have.

I dream one day of having my house perpetually clean. Or at least only 15 minutes away from being "company ready".
I plan on doing a lot of projects around the house. I want to get the laundry room straightened, cleaned and organized, and paint the walls a bright cheery color. I want it to be a room that I don't dread walking into.
I have a goal of losing enough weight to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. Which is about 30-40 pounds from where I am now.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Seventeen

Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why.

Oh this one is easy! I would switch lives with my husband! Here's why:

He complains all the time that I do nothing around the house. Cleaning, doing laundry, planning meals, taking care of the kids, etc, etc. He works setting up mobile homes. I know he has a hard job, and is tired when he comes home. But I believe that what I do is no less stressful and important.

I'd actually like to switch for more than a day, just to give him a real taste of it. Even though I'm not sure I'd like to do his job that long, because it is hard physical labor. But still, I'd hope he would have more respect for what I do afterwards :p

Friday, August 20, 2010

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Sixteen

Day 16- Another picture of yourself.

Dressed to shoes!

Yes, another recent one. Was doing a challenge with my sister about making sure we were getting our Morning Routines done, and that we were dressed to lace up shoes. So to make sure she knew I had my shoes on, I was pointing at them in this picture. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Fifteen

Day 15- Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play.

I don't have an iPod. However, I do have music on my computer. So I opened Windows Media Player, dragged in all my music, and shuffled the list. Here are the first 10 songs in the list.

The Pirate Song (I want to Sing & Dance) - Ray Stevens
The Dash - Eric Dodge
Feather Duster Shake - Amy Benson Lacey
Blue Navajo - Gheorghe Zamfir
When I Need You - Gheorghe Zamfir
That's Who I Wanna Be - Eric Dodge
Time Is On My Side - Rolling Stones
Now We Are Free - Hans Zimmer
Claire de Lune - Zamfir
It Ain't Gonna Happen - Eric Dodge

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Fourteen

Day 14- A picture of you and your family.

Really, this is getting pathetic :p
Well, I've shown a few pictures of my sisters, and one of my favorite cousins. So I'll go with a picture of my husband and children.

Randall, Jacob, and Alyssa

My husband had two busy little helpers. This was taken early this year, while it was still cool weather. It's the most recent picture I have of the three of them together. Looks like I need to get a family picture taken of all of us.

And here's another one...
Mom, Dad, and my sisters

This was taken a few months before my Dad passed away. I still miss him. My sisters, from left to right: Angelia, Rebecca, Tammy, Heather, and myself. And my little girl Alyssa on the floor.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Thirteen

Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.

Ah, this should be interesting. It's a letter I actually plan to write.

First, some history...

I have a half-brother, from my mother's first marriage. He left home when I was only 1 yr old, and has since been in prison for most of my life. He briefly got out on parole, only to be caught stealing again, and sent back to a Federal Penitentiary. I don't have much to do with him, but he calls the house a lot to talk to Mom. He proceeds to give her grief over things that never happened, but he has made up to believe them in his head. Or at least, this is what my mother, and older sister who grew up with him say. I can believe that he has changed history in his mind, from the way he talks in the few letters he has sent me. Should I mention that he hates my guts? Even though I haven't ever done anything to him? I don't even really know him. I don't hate him, I don't know him well enough to hate him. I do hate how he treats Mom, though.

I'll even post his letter here, so you can see why I respond the way I do...
(yes, even with his punctuations and misspellings even though they make me cringe to type them out like that)

Look here, I know you told that lie on me about my Bail... & your car! You & I know you lied. You can fool others but your not fooling me! And what happen to you putting out a garden this summer? What happen to you raising rabbits & chickens? Couldn't get off your lazy ass & do it, huh!! Not surprising.
Mom's foot been hurting her & you got her climbing the stairs, or just stuck in the basement like a prisoner. Your a real piece of shit Sherri! You was probally behind mom's money disapearing she had. You knew her account number & all, you probally stole it for dope. You got lucky you didn't go to jail for leaving your kid in the car, I think they should take your kids from you, you leave them in the basement alone, you should be in the basement with them!!
Anyway here's the deal, I don't claim you, & it'll be a cold day in hell before you win this one. You started something with me your not gonna win. I hate your guts, it is what it is.

So yeah, I would say that he is a person who has recently hurt me. His twisting of the truth, his flat out lies, his unfounded accusations, and base cruelty. He has so many things in this letter that are not based on fact. It hurts me that he would think so badly of me when I have never done anything to him.

Here's my response to him...

You have things so twisted in your mind, I'm not sure where to begin. First of all, since when do I care what you think of me? You haven't ever been in my life long enough to matter to me. We share a mother, and that's all. And I treat her a LOT better than you do. You beg for money, and then cuss her out if she doesn't send it. You hang up on her if you don't like what she's saying. You give her grief about visiting you when she's on her way to the boat, not taking into account the THREE facts that make it impossible for her to do so. Fact One: She doesn't go through Manchester, it would be out of her way. It is NOT just 3 hours down the road from our house, try more like 6 1/2 to 8 hours. Fact Two: She catches the boat on a WEDNESDAY, which is NOT a visiting day. Fact Three: She's catching the boat!! Which means she's in the COMPANY VAN, and doesn't have the option of stopping to visit an inmate in a Federal prison while the rest of the crew sits and waits on her. For real... are you that ignorant?

I want to address the issue you bring up about Mom staying in the basement like a prisoner. First of all, how can she even be considered a prisoner when she has the option and free will to do whatever she wants? Go where ever she wants? Hardly a prisoner. Two: I don't make her climb the stairs. In fact, I carry her supper plate to her a lot of nights, to save her from having to get up off the computer and coming upstairs. She does come upstairs now and then, because she enjoys our company. Imagine that.. she ENJOYS our company. Enough said. Three: She has a phone in her room and she uses it. She can call the house number and it will ring through so I can answer it and talk to her. Or she sends me a message online, if we are both on the computer. This is usually to save her a trip upstairs for a drink, or some other little thing that I can do for her.
Mom doesn't mind staying in the basement. She has the biggest bedroom in the house. And she says she doesn't want to stay in the room that Dad died in. It has too many memories for her. She gets better sleep downstairs, because it is cooler, and she can breathe easier in the cooler air. She has a space heater under her desk in case she feels a little too cool while playing the computer. We have offered to stay in the basement, but she doesn't want to give up her room. She has a private bathroom, and we are remodeling an area to be a kitchenette for her so she can have a small fridge and cooktop to be more independent whenever she feels like it.

Now on to the other issues. You say I am lying about your bail and my car. Several of my co-workers remember this incident because of the scene you caused at my workplace. You were asking anybody and everybody for money to put up for your bail. When I told you I couldn't, you called me a cold-hearted bitch. You didn't even bother asking WHY I couldn't. I'll tell you now. At the time, my car already had a lien against it, for it's full value. I couldn't have squeezed even another $100 out of it. But aside from that, why would I have wanted to? You were still pretty much a stranger to me, and your track record wasn't all that great. I wasn't about to risk my car for you. You know, and I know, that YOU are the one lying about this, and I don't even know why. It's stupid. So what? You asked me for bail money. You were asking everybody. I don't even blame you, I would probably have done the same thing in your place. I just wasn't able to help you at that time. No need to twist the truth and call me a liar. Mom and my sisters remember the incident too, because I told them about it at the time. You're not fooling anyone but yourself.

My garden? Yeah, it did great this year. We had corn, tomatoes, black-eyed peas, squash, pumpkins, watermelon, cantaloupe, and hot peppers. Who told you I didn't put one out? We are still getting tomatoes out of it, it's ridiculous how many of them we've had so far. Couldn't get off my lazy ass, huh? Wow, you really are clueless.

Chickens and Rabbits. Okay, again... where do you get your information, because this one is just retarded. We said we wanted chickens, never said we were GETTING chickens. And we never said anything about stinking rabbits. I can't stand them. Nasty creatures. Whoever is feeding you this line of crap is just wanting you to look stupid. Really. Either that are you are just making things up and twisting things around to whatever you want to believe. (which I believe you do, anyway)

As for my own run-in with the law... I don't really care what you think. It upsets me that you think my children should be taken away from me. What about your own daughter? How long was it before you even ever claimed her? How old was she? The rest of the family certainly didn't even know about her until she was grown. Were you ashamed? Or were you just a bad father? So don't talk to me about my children. You don't have the right to even speak of them. You are NOTHING to them.

Now to the last issue. Stealing Mom's money. Seriously. I don't do dope. Having children tends to make you get your priorities straight. I put money INTO her account, why would I steal it? I live here too. Not having the money to pay bills affects me too. Duh. It makes no sense to think I would be the one taking it. Besides, we know who did it. Not that it is any of your business. Keep your nose out of things that don't even matter to you. It is too funny how you think you have a right to even ask about things that go on here. You have NO RIGHT! We don't care about your opinions. We don't care about anything you say. I felt the need to write to you just to let you know, I DON'T CARE! Hate my guts? Good for you. You are the one suffering for that, not me. I laugh about it. Even called up my sisters and laughed with them about it. To think that you hate me is just a joke really. I haven't ever done anything to you, so why you hate me I can't even fathom. But really, when it all boils down to the bare bones of it... it just doesn't matter.

Oh, and I just wanted to let you know, don't bother calling the house again. You have mom's cell phone number, use it. I live here too, and because of the way you've treated this family, including my mother and father, you have LOST the privilege of calling the house. I will be blocking the number the next time you call. Yes, it is a PRIVILEGE to be able to call. It's not something that is a God-given right. You have abused this family enough. I'm tired of seeing Mom cringe every time we see that number on the caller ID. I would do anything for her. And if blocking your calls will bring her peace, then I'm doing it.

In closing, I wanted to say one more thing. You ended your letter with: "You started something with me your not gonna win." I wanted to respond with: What kind of game are YOU playing? I'm not trying to "win" anything. Get over yourself, dude. You sound really pathetic.

I still don't understand why you hate me so much. It confuses me. I repeat that I haven't done anything to you that I'm aware of. I babysat for you and Carol when you lived in Oakton. I didn't turn you in to the cops when I KNEW you were smoking dope and breaking your parole. You act like I'm lazy, and don't help out. You act like you were treated so badly when you were a kid. Seriously? You're trying to cop out like that? Yes, I've had to push mow the yard. The entire yard. ALL SUMMER. I enjoyed it. I love getting out and mowing the yard, knowing that I'm helping out by doing something to keep the house in order. How long did you have to push mow? With the self-driven Yazoo, by the way. I've heard all about it. Poor little Tommy. Had to mow the yard a total of what? One or two times? Come off it, you're not fooling anyone. Everyone gets spanked as a kid. You're crying STILL? because of being spanked ONE time? Are you really that much of a baby? Grow up and be a MAN! Take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming everyone else. Once you start acting like a normal human being, instead of a spoiled brat baby, maybe Mom wouldn't have to cry when she gets off the phone after you chew her out for NOTHING. I swear, you really take the cake when it comes to being the one who hurts mom, and acting like you don't care about her.

I can understand that you are bored in prison. I have no clue what it must be like. I see movies, but I know they don't paint the real picture.

Honestly Tommy, I harbor no hate against you. It's not in my nature to hate anyone. I might hold a grudge for awhile, but I usually let it go, because it's not healthy.
If you can explain to me (without lying or making things up and twisting the truth) exactly WHY you hate me, then maybe we can get over it, and be brother/sister to each other. I've never had a brother. I don't know what to expect out of one, except for what you've shown me so far: Animosity, jealousy, hatred, backstabbing, and abuse. Is that what a brother does?

If you can't be civil, and act like a normal human being, don't bother writing me again. I will burn the letter and wash my hands of you. I don't need you in my life. But if you can calm down and act rational, then I can promise I'm a better letter-writer than mom. LOL.

I'm actually still debating about blocking your calls. It will all depend on YOU, and how YOU act. Act like a fool, and you will be blocked.

And yeah, I say to him that he doesn't matter to me, but it's ridiculous how he thinks he has the right to say ANYTHING to me about ANYTHING.

So now that I think about it, my letter seems a bit long-winded. I'm also thinking about using this as a response:

Who ARE you? Why do you keep harassing my family?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Twelve

Day 12- How you found out about Tumblr and why you made one.

Okay, again, this isn't Tumblr. :p

I found out about Blogger from my twin sister. She had a blog here, and I decided the blog looked pretty cool and thought I'd try my hand at it. So I used the same one she did because I figured if I needed help figuring it out, I could always just call and harass her about it. LOL

Pretty simple :p

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Eleven

Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends.

Really? I think I explained this the first time. I don't have many friends. Just family. And since I don't get out and about much, I rarely get my picture taken (especially since I abhor cameras).

So I'll do the next best thing. I'll put up a few pictures of different people I know.


My cousin. Used to be really close to her when she was about 15, I was around 21 or 22. We're both mommies now, and she's moved back nearer home, so we see more of each other now. Our kids are close to the same age, so they have playdates every now and then.

Josh & Mattie

Josh is my husband's brother, and Mattie is his girlfriend. I babysit their kids during the day. Mattie and I get along great, and talk about a lot of things. Probably one of my closest friends right now.

Rebecca & Lanny

My sister and her husband. Becca and I chat online about everyday. We don't get to see each other much, as she lives in Michigan, and I live in Kentucky, but we are still very close.


My sister Angelia. She lives the closest to me out of all my sisters, and we talk about everyday, too. We help each other out a lot too, like when I moved, she was there to help me clean and pack. When she moved, I helped her, too. Her kids are older than mine, but they still all play well together.

Okay, and that's it for my favorite friends right now. I'd add a photo of my twin sister, but I'd most likely pick the wrong one and then she'd yell at me for picking one that wasn't flattering or something, so I won't risk it. But yeah, Heather is a good friend too ;)

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Ten

Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad.

I listen to pretty much the same thing if I'm going to be listening to music. Country music. Maybe some light rock. Although if I'm hyped, I'll listen to some Disturbed, or something similar.

If I'm in a cleaning mood, I'll put in my FlyLady CD.

I don't really listen to that much music... I guess if I had a good player, I might listen to more, but there ya go. I don't have one, so I don't. :p

(and yes, I skipped two days, so I'll post all three days now.)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Nine

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days.

Okay, so I'm proud of myself. I actually went ahead last night, and cleaned out the back 2 cabinets, and got the dishwasher in there. Drilled the holes through the back of the cabinets for the water supply line. Need to get a new water supply line that's long enough to reach now. I also moved a few cabinets around to make room for the dislocated items from the cabinets I emptied. Of course, that just means I have other stuff to find new homes for, which means more cleaning and straightening and organizing. But it's a challenge I'm actually enjoying :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Eight

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why?

Ah! This one is easy. I want to get the dishwasher put under the cabinet.
Now this will require a bit of work. The end of the kitchen is an open cabinet space, with cabinet facing the inside under the counter. Very awkward to get into those and use them, so I'm going to empty them out and put the dishwasher in there. But to do that, I need a longer water supply hose. And to get that I need to come up with about 15 dollars. (maybe less, depends on how much tax is)

Then I need to put the stuff from the emptied cabinets somewhere in a new "home" plus one drawer that is half under the cabinet. I swear, that kitchen was NOT put together well at all.

I'll have to take some before/after pictures and post them later. I'll edit this post to include them here. So anyway... it will be a project, but I'm looking forward to it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Seven

Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.

(yeah, I skipped a day yesterday, so sue me, it was my birthday :p)

Wow... ummm, okay, I know... let me hunt up a pic...

The Holy Bible

How could any Christian not claim that the Bible doesn't have an impact on their life? It has instructions on every aspect of your life, gives guidance on what to do in times of trouble, and leads the way to salvation.

Yes, even though I'm not a strict follower anymore, this has had the biggest impact in my life.

Although... my husband and kids would have to come a close second ;)

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Six

Day06- Favorite super hero and why.

Hmmm, how about a mixed one?

Gambit from X-Men

Gambit... gotta love that accent. And a cool, usable power.
So yeah, my favorite superhero would be Gambit. Always loved watching X-Men as a kid, and Gambit was my favorite. Kind of a womanizer, but he always loved Rogue.
Was very excited to see him in the last X-Men movie remake. I think they did okay with the actor they chose, but not quite the same as the guy from the cartoons. But then again, this IS the first time he shows up in the movie, and he's not a part of the team yet.
Being able to charge up an object and then throw it as an exploding bomb. How nice would that be? It's not an uncontrollable power, like Rogue, or Cyclops, who have to wear items (gloves, goggles) to keep from accidentally letting their power run amok. No need for a gun or other weapon, a deck of cards is his first choice because he's a gambler. But technically, he could put a charge into anything.

As for a villian, I've always like Spawn. I mean come on! Natural body armor, weapons, and a dark sense of humor. How awesome is that?

Monday, August 09, 2010

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Five

Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to.

Jefferson Davis Memorial in Kentucky

When I was still in school (home-school) we took a trip to the State Capitol. Along the way we stopped at several landmarks. This was one of them. I loved that trip, and hope to repeat it sometime.
Another memorable sight was the Floral Clock.

Floral Clock in Frankfurt