Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Well, Saturday was my adopted niece's birthday. She turned 12. I took her with me to Wal-Mart and let her pick out a $10 gift. It was more than I could afford really, but I wanted to do something for her ;) Also she got to spend the night with me, and I baked her a cake and decorated it for her.

Sunday, I met a few of my cousins at the State Park just a few miles from here, and we had a nice cook-out there. Randall even came with me :) Well, he actually headed out with our son a few minutes before I did, but he stayed and ate with us.

Monday, Randall's brother had a cook-out, so we went over there for that. Then came home, and had an early night.

So today it's back to normal finally. Kids are back in school.

I decided to go ahead and rearrange my living room. After coming to the startling realization that I absolutely hated everything about my living room, I tried to think of what I could do to make me like it better. Because I hated it so much, I rarely sat to watch tv with hubby, and I didn't like going in there to clean, either.

So at this moment, the room is almost finished (other than paint and slipcovers) except for the tv. The hole I drilled to move the satellite cable wasn't big enough, so the stupid battery has to be recharged for the third time to drill a third hole to make the hole I already have there a bit bigger. Sad, isn't it? So the kids are happily playing without TV for now. Good thing they don't depend on it for entertainment. :p

So I guess when I get it all done, I'll try to get a couple pics of it posted. Can't wait to get that horribly ugly border down and paint the walls and trim. Also need to find a cheap slipcover for that couch, if possible. Although until I can change out that horrid blue carpet, there's not much sense in covering up a blue couch. LOL.

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