Monday, September 27, 2010

Goal: 7 Christmas Gifts completed before Thanksgiving

Status: 4.5/7
So I have 3 "Nutty Buddies" to make, 2 are crocheted, just need eyes and velcro. I'll finish that up today. I have the picture cross-stitched and framed for my sister, one finished project for my niece (I won't mention what it is, in case she happens to read this over her mother's shoulder) :p
I have half of my nephew's gift done. It's a 2-piece gift, and one of the pieces is completed.
Then I have the other half to complete, 1 more Nutty Buddies to make, and 1 gift for my dear brother-in-law. And the reason these need to be ready before Thanksgiving? Because they are coming down to visit from Michigan, and I plan on saving myself some postage. LOL. Aren't I the penny-pincher? :p

So I'd love to show off the framed cross-stitch, but I don't want my sister to see it. So after Christmas, I'll have all the pictures posted up. I'm really excited about getting all these projects completed.

Then of course, I have more to make after those, but those are the ones I need to get finished by the time they come down.
I'll have the gift for my other sister, plus 3 more of the Nutty Buddies, maybe 4 if I'm feeling real froggy about it ;)
Then 2 more nephews to make gifts for, plus my own 2 children. Then there's hubby. I'm thinking I'll either make him something to wear, or save some money up and buy him a GPS.

Getting ready for a big county-wide yard sale this next weekend, Oct 2nd. Hoping it doesn't rain because they won't reschedule, and there are no refunds. Seems a bit odd to me to have neither, but oh well. We'll have a spot on the courthouse square for the sale, so it's a prime location. And then the following weekend is the big Civil War Days at the park close to where I live, so again, another prime yard-sale time/location. We'll hold our leftovers from the first one to have the next one. And then it's off to the Mission House with everything that doesn't sell. The main point of the yard sale is to get rid of our junk. The money we make is just a bonus. :)

I guess that's about it for updates right now. See you next time :)

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