Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Housecleaning, Yay!!

Well, I've always been challenged by keeping my house clean... So I thought one day I'd look up motivation for cleaning on the internet. I found FlyLady. www.flylady.net

FlyLady is great. Since finding this site, and reading her tips, I've actually kept my house cleaner longer!! I suggest everyone who finds housework to be a challenge to go here and use her tips.

I'm a FlyBaby now... FLYing in KY!! That's me!! Ha Ha Ha...

It's all simple routines, and just 15 minutes at a time. Very handy now that I'm pregnant and seem to have NO ENERGY!! Yuggy... Sometimes....

Love being pregnant, though. Love it... This little girl kicks the crap out of me all the time though. I wonder if she even sleeps! I think she's going to be very energetic once she's born. Yay, just what I need. TWO kids to run after. Shouldn't have to worry about losing those extra pounds! I'll work them off just taking care of the kids!! LOL.

Speaking of housecleaning.... I've got some work to do this morning. I've just woken up, but at least I've already made my bed. Mainly as a deterrent from getting back in!! Ha ha. Now I need to get dressed, finish my cup of coffe, make some tea, maybe clean a little in my boy's room. That's my project for November!! Get that room clean and organized. He's got WAY too many toys. Poor thing! I don't think he even plays with them all, just likes to pull them out of the toy box and scatter them everywhere!! More cleaning for Mommy, YAY!! (Yes, that was a bit sarcastic!)

Then, it's over to Dad's house to clean there in prep for my Mom coming home from the boat. I'd like for her to be able to walk into a clean house. Makes things so much less stressful for Dad.

Well... Got lots to do, so I better get off here and get busy!!