Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Learn About Me Challenge - Day Six

Day06- Favorite super hero and why.

Hmmm, how about a mixed one?

Gambit from X-Men

Gambit... gotta love that accent. And a cool, usable power.
So yeah, my favorite superhero would be Gambit. Always loved watching X-Men as a kid, and Gambit was my favorite. Kind of a womanizer, but he always loved Rogue.
Was very excited to see him in the last X-Men movie remake. I think they did okay with the actor they chose, but not quite the same as the guy from the cartoons. But then again, this IS the first time he shows up in the movie, and he's not a part of the team yet.
Being able to charge up an object and then throw it as an exploding bomb. How nice would that be? It's not an uncontrollable power, like Rogue, or Cyclops, who have to wear items (gloves, goggles) to keep from accidentally letting their power run amok. No need for a gun or other weapon, a deck of cards is his first choice because he's a gambler. But technically, he could put a charge into anything.

As for a villian, I've always like Spawn. I mean come on! Natural body armor, weapons, and a dark sense of humor. How awesome is that?

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