Thursday, August 05, 2010

Learn About Me Challenge - Day One

A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

Taken just this morning...not very flattering, but there you go.

Now for the 15 interesting facts.

1. I love to read. I read the Twilight saga (4 books) in just 2 days. I read paragraphs at a time, not sentences, or words at a time. I still retain what I read and understand the book. I've been able to read this fast since way back in grade school.

2. I loved giving book reports in grade school. Unless it was for the Reading Challenge, where for some reason I never did as many reports as normal. I guess I didn't like being told I had to read.

3. I can whistle. Not just loud annoying whistles, but actual tunes. I love to whistle. My dad used to say "A whistling girl and a crowing hen, are bound to come to some bad end." I would retort with "A whistling girl and a merino sheep are the best property a farmer can keep."

4. I like random sayings. The more random the better. Things to make you go... huh?

5. An IQ test I took in 7th grade was 4 points below genius. Genius IQ is 145. I tested at 141. I have since taken some online versions of the IQ test and scored a 157.

6. I don't know everything, and I'm quick to admit it. But not until after first making something up to answer your question. Most of the time it sounds plausible.

7. I must be either insane, or more patient than I ever thought. I watch 8 kids all day during the summer. Looking forward to school starting tomorrow :)

8. I have 2 children. My son is a miniature version of my husband. My daughter is a miniature version of myself.

9. I love to draw. I'm fairly decent at it. Check me out on Elfwood.

10. I hate cleaning, but love seeing instant results. Things like mopping, and using a floor finish for extra shine... Ironing... Shampooing carpet... Dusting... Cleaning mirrors and glass doors... Painting...

11. Speaking of painting... I plan on painting a mural on my children's bedroom walls. Dinosaurs for my son, and unicorns, rainbows, and flowers for my daughter. I'll have to take a picture of that when I'm done.

12. I usually draw a blank on #12 when making a list. I guess that's an interesting fact by itself :p

13. I don't think of 13 as an unlucky number. Not even if it's a Friday. I'm not superstitious about many things. But the knife one I believe. If someone hands you a knife, you return it to them the same way: Open or Closed, as they handed it to you.

14. I hate the words "Shut Up". They sound rude. Use "Be Quiet" or "Hush" instead.

15. E-NUN-CI-ATE!! I can't stand it when people mumble, or smear their words together. Speak clearly! If I can't understand what you're saying, I will most likely ignore you, or just smile and nod blankly.

I could keep I'm on a roll. But 15 it asked for, and 15 you got. So be happy. :p

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