Friday, December 17, 2010

SpongeBob - Free Crochet Pattern/Recipe

This is a gift I made for a nephew who LOVES SpongeBob SquarePants. I wanted something small, so I came up with my own pattern. It's a bit fiddly, and I might have to rework the pattern a bit if I ever make another one, but I took notes as I made this one, and if you should want to make one of your own, and are capable of guessing how a pattern should go, you shouldn't have much of a problem with this one. And of course, if you should have ANY questions about any part of the pattern, feel free to leave a comment, or send me a message on Ravelry, username smscreen

Yarn: WW yarn in yellow, dk brown, white, black, and red (tiny amounts of each)
Hook: E
stuffing, yarn needle

ch 13 in yellow
Row 1: starting in 2nd ch from hook, sc 12 across, ch1, turn.
Row 2-3: sc 12 across, ch1, turn
Row 4: sc 11 across, sc 2 in last sc
Working down sides of rows, work 3 sc, then 2 sc in corner. Continue working around, on opposite side of foundation chain, work 10 sc across, 2 sc in corner. Work 3 sc across short end, with two sc in corner.
Begin working in rounds
Rnd 1: in BLO, work sc in each sc around (35)
Rnd 2 - 13: sc in each sc around
Add facial details, eyes, eyelashes, nose, smile, etc
with white:
Rnd 1: 6 sc in magic ring
Rnd 2: 2sc in each sc around
attach to head with black yarn to make pupil and eyelashes.

Ch 6
Row 1: sc 5 across, turn
Row 2: work sc into same stitch as previous row (double up your first sc row)
FO by weaving tail through length of nose to beginning tail, and use tail to tie nose onto face.

In brown
Rep instructions for head through rnd 4.
JOINING body pieces:
After stuffing both halves, I joined the two pieces with one round of sc. Going in the top edge of the pants, from outside to inside, then on through the top piece from inside to outside, and doing the sc in this manner.
Depending on your preference, you can either begin/end at the center back, to the side, or at the center front (to make an open collar look)
Doing the sc join in this way made the look of a "collar" around the top edge of his shirt, and I really liked the looks of it.

LEGS (make 2)
In black
ch 4, turn, sc 2 across, then 4 sc into last ch to begin a turn and work into opposite side of foundation ch.
sc across bottom of foundation ch with 4 sc in last st.
Mark beginning of rnds if you want, although it's not important.
Here's where the pattern gets a bit "recipe"ish. As I didn't take notes on the legs, since I made these up while in the car waiting for my son to get out of school. 
Rnd 1: sc along side of "shoe", and make 2 inc in toe end. sc back around to back of foot.
Rnd 2: sc along side of shoe, and make 2 dec in toe end, sc back around to back of foot.
Rnd 3: sc around, making 2 more dec in toe end of shoe.
change to white, and sc around evenly for 5 rnds.
work 6th rnd of white in BLO
change to Brown
attach yarn to first unworked front loop from last rnd of white.
sc around 3 rnds
Stuff very lightly, or just stuff with extra tails from yarn changes. Fold edges together flat, and attach to front edge of bottom of body through the unworked front loops at the bottom corner edge of the pants.

ARMS (make 2)
in Yellow
ch 14, sl st in 3rd ch from hook, (makes first "finger")
ch 3, sl st in first ch of ch 3,  (makes second "finger")
ch 3, sl st in first ch of ch 3, (makes third "finger"), sl st back down length of chain, into "bumps" on bottom of foundation ch.

Attach to body under collar of shirt.

Stitch up a little tie using red yarn, and attach it to front of body under collar of shirt.
I did a simple ch 4, then pulled the yarn through, and wrapped it around the last stitch about 4 times to create a bit of a bulge at the end. I attached it using the tails at the top of the tie, and at the bottom of the tie.

I hope I explained the pattern well enough so that you can make your own SpongeBob buddy if you want to.
This little guy measures about 7" tall from top of head to bottom of foot.

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