Friday, April 16, 2010

Moving in May

So yeah, I'm getting a little ahead of myself. But you see, I can explain.

FlyLady promotes "Moving in May" as a way to establish the habit of exercise. To fit in with this, she is going to do a tour to every country that her flybabies are from.

Well, one member thought a great idea to help her on her "tour" would be to take a picture of our "guest-ready rooms" and photoshop FlyLady into them, to make it seem like she was visiting each one of us.

So to take part in this "virtual tour", my sister and I have challenged ourselves to clean up our worst rooms to prepare for her visit. I have chosen the guest room downstairs. It's pretty bad.

Here's some "Before" Pictures...

This one is a view looking straight in from the doorway.

This one is looking to the left from the doorway.

And this one is a view of the closet (as close as I could get to it)

So I have another reason to get this room cleaned up. Randall's daughter will be coming down to stay with us for the summer, and that's the room she'll be staying in. So ... yeah... it needs some work.

But at least we are thinking about this in time to give us plenty of elbow room to get it ready for the visit (both FlyLady and Randall's daughter)

I don't plan on waiting until the last minute, I want to work on it a bit every day so I don't stress out about it. Maybe if I have time, I will also work on other areas, like the hallway, and the "pantry" area. They are both badly cluttered as well.

But's late, and I'm tired. So I'm done blogging for awhile and off to get the kids settled into bed. Just glad there is no school tomorrow.


Heather said...

Oh I like that table with honey oak top and white spindle legs. I can't wait to see it cleared off to see what it really looks like.

The bedframe looks nice too. I remember when she was in the last time and you told me how she was able to pain the wall black then was able to splatter paint it. :)

screen-name said...

Yeah, that white table was Randall's before we married, but we've kept it because even though we don't always use it in the main part of the house, it's a very nice table. It has 2 drawers in it, too.

Yeah, mom and I picked out the furniture. There was a dresser w/mirror that matched the bedframe, but I kind of stole it for my room after the auction because we sold our dresser set, and needed something for Randall's clothes. Plus, it was the dark wood that matched our bed and tall chest of drawers that we have. :)