Saturday, July 27, 2013

My homemade Lightbox

So I wanted to make a lightbox to take some pictures of stuff I want to post online to sell. I've seen many ideas out there on how to make them cheaply and easily, but I still didn't have all of the stuff to make it, and I also wanted to be able to store it away easily. First I gathered my supplies. A collapsible mesh basket that has seen better days. Some metal hair clips. Parchment paper. Lamps and lightbulbs. and an old poster calendar. (the back of it was white, instead of buying posterboard)
I tore off pieces of the parchment paper and used the hair clips to fasten them to the edges of the mesh hamper/basket.
The calendar was too wide to fit down inside the hamper...
So I cut off a strip for it to fit inside widthwise, and run up the back a bit.
Here is my completed "lightbox"
To show the difference a lightbox makes, here's a brass elephant figurine in lightbox without lights turned on.
And here's the same elephant with lights turned on.


Becca said...

Great job! love it :D

Becca said...

Loving this lightbox! what a great use for those mesh hampers that have gotten messed up!