Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Woes...

So it's a Saturday morning. I was wanting to go shopping, pick out some clothes at Goodwill. But no, I'm stuck with extra kids... again. Love how I can't make plans anymore.

And to start my day off on the right note, Randall calls to say he hit a deer. I have visions of venison dancing in my head. But he didn't kill it, he says. And he didn't want a repeat of his last episode with a deer struck down on the road. Oh, you don't know that story? Well, it bears telling ;)

So we are headed to work on morning (this is when he worked in Troy, TN, for American Barn Company. It's still dark out, very early in the morning. We see this deer, young, maybe half-grown to adulthood, just laying down in the left land of the highway (4 lane divided highway). So he's thinking "MEAT!!" We turn around in the next illegal u-turn opportunity, head back past where the deer was, make yet another illegal u-turn, and head back. We get in the left lane and start crawling down, looking for this deer. There it is, still laying down. He asks "Where's my knife?" I look around futilely, but can't find it. "Well, I'll just grab it and snap it's neck" he says, a little disappointed that he can't finish it quickly with a knife.
So we are now parked on the highway, headlights illuminating this deer. He's looking at us with a "Now what are these idiots up to?" look on his face.
Randall gets out of the truck, leaving the door open and walks quietly, carefully, to the front of the truck. The deer by now realizes that something is wrong, and stands up.
So any sane person would give up. Obviously this deer is just not that hurt. But not Randall. He's nothing if not persistent. So he jumps at the deer, and grabs it around the neck. This deer acts like he's been shocked with a thousand volts. It stands straight up on his hind legs, and comes crashing back down, one sharp hoof landing right on Randall's knee, bending it sideways and backwards. Of course, this allows the deer a chance to escape. But apparently it's not quite aware of the danger he's in, because he just ambles slowly down beside the truck, passing right under my window from where I have a great view of the action.
Randall limps back to the truck door, and keeps going to the back of the truck, hoping to still catch this deer.
By now, the pain from his damaged knee is starting to fully reach my poor husband's brain, and he realizes that he can't walk anymore. So he grinds his teeth in frustration (slight embellishment, as I couldn't actually hear the grinding noise) as the deer slowly makes it way across the road and climbs up the bank.
Once the deer is out of sight, and Randall has still not come back to the door, I start to wonder if he's okay. But about the time I decide to go looking for him, he finally manages to drag his mangled body back into the truck. I wisely keep my mouth shut as he puts the truck in gear and we head on down the road. (He limped for a week afterwards)
So yeah, in view of that particular wrestling match, I could understand why he didn't want to tackle a full-grown doe this morning. I applaud his decision.

Okay, now to change the subject...
Last weekend, I was in Allen Park, Michigan. Why? Well, if it's that interesting, I'll share my reason... It was Easter Weekend, the kids were on Spring Break, and I wanted to see my sister.
Reason enough, right?
So anyway... I go up to visit my sister and her family. I left Randall at home because he doesn't like to miss the comfort of his own bed. Took both my kids, plus my niece, Heavan. Went up with my other sister, Angelia, and her two boys, and my Mom. We took two cars. I drove a rental, a nice little Chevy Cobalt. Surprisingly, the car was NOT blue, it was black, but I digress.

We went shopping, and shopping, and shopping. And for me, that's actually sort of amazing. Because I'm not a shopper. But I had SOOOO much fun. I love the stores up there. Well, probably because they have so many dollar stores, and thrift stores, second-hand clothing and all that. Plus, it's just too fun to go shopping with my sisters. We get to acting a little crazy, but I swear we weren't drinking! At least, not that time. ;)

Should I post a few pictures?
Ok, here we go...

This is my sister's house. Nothing remarkable, just a cookie-cutter house like all the rest on the street. Just wanted to let you know where we were ;)

A view looking out at the street from her house. See what a "ghetto" neighborhood it is? LOL. Oh look, there's my rental car, the black one there. That car had some serious "get-up-and-go", very fun to drive :D

This one is part of the little Easter Egg Hunt we had. The two youngest (this one is Alyssa) had a chance to hunt on their own in the front yard. We let the older ones have a free-for-all in the back yard, with all the dog poo. >:)

Here's Jacob looking serious as he hunts for more eggs on his half of the lawn.

Here's the three oldest kids. My niece Heavan, niece Amber, and nephew Cody, playing on the computer and generally goofing off.

Kia (Becca's dog) had puppies a few weeks before we came to visit. My daughter Alyssa was absolutely fascinated with them. In this particular shot, she was petting the blonde one when she was suddenly distracted by "He's getting my butt!"

Okay, now this one takes a bit of explaining. While shopping with my sisters, I was completely overtaken with an impulse buy of this little Garden Gnome. He's the travelocity Roamin' Gnome. Well, we decided he will officially become my traveling mascot. So of course, I had to give him a name. I decided to call him Bo, because I always liked Bo better than Roman. LOL. See if you can figure out what obscure reference THAT is ;)

Well, I guess I've rambled enough for now. More later :)


Heather said...

What was that cartoon that we used to watch that had gnomes in it? We would watch it on Nickelodian when we'd go see Teresa when we were little.

Everybody loved Bo and not Roman sounds like he talks with a mouthfull of marbles. ;)

You shopping that long?!? :) slap-happy did you all get? Were you very punchy?

LOL @ Randall and the deer story! :) Didn't hear about that one before.

screen-name said...

Hahaha, we were so tired when we were finishing up talking. Had one of the store clerks in stitches, I think! She kept following us around just to keep talking to us :D

Yeah, Randall and the deer, it was hilarious. I'm sure he won't like my version at all, but hey, it's MY version :)