Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Dining Room Make-over Part 2

Yeah, I know... there's no post titled Part 1. But it was the boring stuff of basic cleaning, so I left it out. Part 2 involved washing the walls and baseboards, as well as the window blind. I used vinegar and water (half and half) in a spray bottle to mist the wall, and a rag to wipe it off. Got most of the finger marks, stray bits of food?, and other stuff, leaving the walls if not perfect, at least good enough for a coat of paint. For the window blind, I soaked it in a tub with water and vinegar, then lightly scrubbed each little slat with a dish brush. Tedious, but easy enough. Then I used a couple broomsticks propped across the top of the shower curtain rod and edge of tub against wall to hang up the blind to drip dry. Looks like a brand new room! (Almost) So I picked out the colors I want to use. Olive Khaki (green) for the walls, and Leather Brown for the trim, and details. (More on those details later) For now, here's a look at my inspiration:

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