Wednesday, August 21, 2013

TARDIS Docking Box

This is my completed box, designed to hold my phone while it is plugged in to charge. I based this heavily on this link from Ravelry. I didn't have felt except for one piece of black, so I decided to stitch the pattern onto the plastic canvas. I also modiefied the pattern slightly to fit the pattern and my phone. First I drew out the stitch pattern.
I quickly realized that the count for stitches didn't equal the count for boxes to cut out of the plastic canvas. So add 1 to the measurements to cut out. I actually stitched my patterns onto the canvas before cutting them out. Good thing because I had to adjust the side pieces to make the box "taller" to fit my phone. Here's a few pics of my pieces stitched before cutting out.
Next, I cut out all the pieces and trimmed the edges.
Using the pieces themselves as templates, I cut out a piece of black felt for each plastic canvas piece. Then I used black yarn to start putting it all together. I started with the bottom, attaching the sides all around. Then I did the corners and top edges except for the edge where the lid would attach. I attached the lid last, and went around the edge of it as I went.
And my Dock Box is complete!

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