Monday, December 13, 2010

Bella Swan's La Push Hat (edited version)

So I found this great pattern for a hat with cabling that looked awesome. Just as an added bonus, it was a copy of the hat from the Twilight movie that Bella wore.
With the pattern in mind, I took off to my LYS and found some yarn that I loved. Lion Brand Yarn Jiffy solid in Espresso. I finally started the project late Saturday evening, and made quite a bit of progress before going to bed. I picked it up the next day to work on while watching Eclipse, which my wonderful hubby had just picked up for me. Early Christmas gift that will never make it under the tree.

Trying to concentrate on a pattern using a new technique (fpdc, and bpdc) while watching a new movie is NOT recommended, by the way.

The pattern was fairly simple, 22 rows. After finishing row 17, I was out of yarn. No problem, I had two more skeins, but wait, how does it fit? I tried it on, and looked toward my husband, whom I could no longer see as the hat came way down over my eyes. Yay! this meant I could adjust the pattern to finish out with just one skein instead of using a tiny bit from another one.

So I adjusted the pattern down to be 17 rows total, and moved the ribbing down a few rows here and there to even them out. (Shout-out to the designer, I would be more than happy to share my adjusted pattern so you can offer a one-skein hat) Finally gave up working on it that night, and finished it off this morning while waiting for the school bus to come by. I actually had it completed in time to wear outside while walking my 7yo son to the bus. Loved it! So warm and soft.

Here are a few more pics of me modeling the hat.

If anyone loves this hat enough to make one for themselves, you can find it on
Bella's Beanie

Happy Crocheting, everyone!

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Megan said...

looks awesome! thanks for linking to the pattern!