Monday, February 20, 2012

Alyssa's Room update #2

  • Primer paint night tables - DONE
  • Primer paint dresser - DONE
  • Primer paint bench - DONE
  • Primer paint bed - DONE
  • Paint night tables - DONE
  • Paint dresser - DONE
  • Paint bench - DONE
  • Paint bed - DONE
  • Make canopy for bed - DONE
  • Make yarn lanterns - DONE
  • Hang new light fixture - DONE
  • Hang "ceiling" - DONE
  • Make hammock chair - not done, can't find the hammock I wanted from Wal-Mart. Maybe I should try ordering this online.
  • Paint mural - DONE
  • Put up curtains with twinkle lights behind bench
  • Set up and arrange furniture
  • Finishing touches - decorations, etc
So you can see I've made some progress. I'm about to grab the clean bedding and make up the bed, and do the finishing touches. The hammock chair and twinkle lights behind the bench might have to wait until later. I will post pictures when done. I'm hoping Alyssa will be sleeping in her new room tonight!

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