Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to Alyssa

Celebrated my daughter's 5th birthday yesterday. I'm such a horrible mom I didn't take any pictures. I'm really bad about that. But after the fact, I took a few pictures of the yarn balloons I made. These were hung up on the ceilings at the four corners of the table, and will go to her room when I've finished it. And no, I didn't get her room finished in time for her birthday. I have one more day off though, and hopefully will be able to get it whipped up into shape and ready for her to sleep in Monday night.

Here's a picture of the yarn balloons.
They took about an hour to make, collecting the supplies: balloons, vaseline, white glue, corn starch, and water, mixing it up, coating the yarn, coating the balloons with vaseline, and wrapping the balloons ready to dry. They dried a good 24 hours, then I let the kids pop the balloons. They looked great. the yarn ended up pretty stuff and held their shape well. I got compliments on them at the party, so I was pleased with the way they turned out.
For those of you wanting to know how to make these balloons, they are really easy, but very messy. Here's the link where I found the instructions. Yarn Lanterns.
I do highly recommend the plastic under where you are making these, and where they will dry. The glue does get drippy as you are squeezing out the yarn and wrapping the balloon.

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