Monday, February 20, 2012

Ta-Da! Alyssa's Room DONE!

Okay, so I'm calling it done. I still want to get some lights behind a curtain hung up behind the little bench, a hammock chair in the corner, and some kind of curtain door in the closet, but the room is otherwise DONE!

Here are the pictures.

We stapled some sheets up to the ceiling rafters, because they were bare. Alyssa did not like sleeping downstairs because she was worried about spiders. Now she will know her room is sealed in and she won't have to worry about spiders anymore.
I made the canopy over her bed using a hula hoop and four panels of sheer white curtains. The light fixture is a simple candlestick lamp and lampshade from Dollar General, screwed upside down to a ceiling rafter and plugged into the original light socket.
I painted all the furniture white, and free-handed the flowers and butterfly mural on the wall.
Turned out nice, don't you think?

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